Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More Mason Pages

Well I had quite a break from Scrapbooking and now it is time to get some stuff done. It has been fun to be able to sit down and get some more pages done. I have still been debating back and forth wether or not to print separate pages, do a shutterfly book, and what sizes to do. I saw that Leslie did her printing at Costco. They offer awesome prices so I printed out some test pages. One was a 12x12 and 2 were 8x8. I was pretty impressed. Sure it might not be quite as pretty as a shutterfly page but I think it looks great especially considering that it costs 50% less! I have also decided that 8x8 is good enough for me. That size is actually pretty close to what I see on my screen when I am creating the page so I can have a pretty good idea of how big type will be and such.

I LOVED doing this page. Mason has really slimmed down in the past year so it was great to reminisce about those chubby cheeks! I just want to reach out and pinch 'em!

Papers from Scrap Girls commotion kit.
Alpha from Shabby Princess Promise kit
Arrow from Heather Ann Designs monthly memories kit.
Brown frame by Dunia Designs for Snap and Scrap
White frame from ScrapKut Charming Hero kit
Fonts: GG Basic and GG Brookie

This isn't my favorite page but I am learning to accept it and move on...It's cute but I really want to tweek it!

Papers and elements from Summer Driggs Boy oh Boy kit.
White Journal block from Heather Ann Designs
Fonts: Curlz MT and CK Scratchy

The hardest part about this page was choosing the picture to go with it...there were so many that looked so cute with it!

Papers from Scrap Girls commotion kit.
Torn Edges from Scrap Girls
Tape from ScrapKut Charming Hero
Notebook paper from ksharonkdesigns.
Fonts: Rage Italic and Snap ITC
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Mandy and Kalen said...

LOVE THEM ALL! You are so good... Can I hire you to do mine???

One thing though... You put "has really SLIMED down" not slimmed down on the first page! Or maybe you meant slime!!!

Love ya!!!

Sally Wright said...

Problem fixed...thanks! I mean "slimed" would also be appropriate considering the allergies that he has had but not what I was going for in this instance.

Love ya back!

Josh and Leslie said...

I LOVED the layouts... way cute! I've got to get going on Laineys...

The Schoonies said...

I know you posted these while ago, but I just saw them and I think they are really cute. I especially like Mason's 1 year page. You are so creative! And Costco pages do look really nice, especially for the price!

House of Smiths said...

You won some of my pantry jar labels, and I'd love to send them to you. Could you please email me your address?
~Shelley Smith